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Did Greece end up in this mess only because of itself?

NOTE: Article available only in English, as its aim is to show foreigners how unfairly the Greek people were accused by the international corporate media.


See this important article by German magazine «Der Spiegel», titled «Complicit in corruption: How German companies bribed their way to Greek deals«. And judge for yourselves. Bribes and kickbacks from German companies to politicians of both PASOK (which now governs the country) and Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy) were flying all over the place, taking advantage of the corruption in the Greek political system and costing the country billions of euros. So much for the German media’s demonization of the Greek people as «betrüger in der Euro-Familie» (fraudsters in the euro-family) – as if Germany’s own companies were «innocent», which they are NOT, as has been proven with Daimler-Benz (known mostly for its Mercedes-Benz range of passenger cars, lorries and buses), which was found to be involved in a multimillion international bribery scandal; yes, the «honest» and «innocent» German companies have a long-standing policy of bribery and kickbacks.

This is only a small appetizer for what will follow later on. There’s lots of stuff to prove that the Greek people were used as a scapegoat by an immensely corrupt political, industrial and financial system to enable them to usurp whatever wealth and resources this country has and then move on to other potential victims in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and who knows which country will come next).


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